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Online Data Entry


In today’s time, a decent number of online data entry sort of jobs are available on internet. Sadly, most of them are are illegitimate Or fake. Most of the people today consider these online data entry jobs as scams coz almost 95% of these jobs are reported as fake. But it is still possible to find the genuine and paying online data entry companies. Also, home based jobs for it professionals are the most sought after for those job seekers who do not want to miss their household life, A job that commonly requires the employee to take data from a hard copy or other source and change it to a soft copy but one should be careful while choosing a company before starting working for them.
Eligibility: Generally needed someone with a typing speed 40-50 or more WPM, knowledge computer & word processors.
Things Might Help: Enhance your typing skills by practicing hard and taking test.

Web Design/Development

Web design is the art of making presentations of content that is delivered to an user through the World Wide Web, by the using of Web browser. One should be familiar with dreamweaver, html, photoshop and other web design tools before starting working for any company. However, among web professionals, “website development” usually refers to the dynamic pages, writing markup and programming languages like php, java, asp, etc. There are lots of positions available in the market for senior it jobs & freshers it jobs currently.
Eligibility: For basic web designing positions you should have a good understanding of HTML, the Internet, and web servers. More advanced positions will required the familiarity with CSS, Flash, Perl, PHP, XHTML.,Ajax , JavaScript
Things Might Help: One of the best things you can do is to create your own web page. Keeping in mind that simply editing a web page using Microsoft FrontPage without understanding Coding of how it works may not be sufficient enough for most jobs.

Article Writing

You can find it jobs in Article Writing also. It often involves writing or editing technical document, article or manuals. Article writers are in big demand these days coz every company Or small businesses are going online these days and since going online needs web pages to be created, article Or web page writers are in huge demand. Also, there are small and medium internet companies which needs article writers for to publish articles for them in article directories also.
Eligibility: The basic requirement for this jobs for it is to understanding about the subject being written and have good writing skills.
Things Might Help: the basic requirement for this job is to have graduate degree In addition to having good writing skills, and knowledge of word processors.

Technical Support

Technical support is to providing assistance with technology products or other goods. Generally, technical support services attempt to help the user solve specific problems with technology products or other goods. One can work as a freelancer Or as a home worker for companies require technical support staff.

Eligibility: A basic understanding of computers, computer’s software, and/or hardware.

Things Might Help: Become as familiar as possible with computers, computer software, and/or computer hardware, depending on what you will be supporting. Help desks generally do not usually have any type of training; these positions require that the person already have a knowledge of compute and troubleshooting.


A position as a hardware/networking engineer, circuit design, embedded systems, system administrator, firmware, etc. is a job that requires you to design and create a complete hardware/networking package or portions of a hardware device. Computer networking jobs involve designing, setting up, and/or maintaining a network.

Eligibility: degree/diploma in the field of hardware and networking
Things Might Help: If you’re interested in this type of field we suggest you get a degree in the field.

How to Start Working for Any of These Jobs

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