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Looking For Legitimate Online Jobs And Work From Home?

Do you often wonder what it would be like to work from home? Do you want the freedom and the flexibility to set your own hours? Are you tired of searching for hours to find a legitimate company to work at home for? Do you want a place where you can go to find all of the information you need in one convenient location? Since 2006, is your source for genuine cash-paying online jobs without investment you can work on from home. Click Here To Join For Free >>

Why should I work from home?

It doesn’t matter if you’re unemployed, disabled, a college student or simply need a little extra income to help contribute to your family bills. Spending a few hours a day working the online jobs we recommend can be a great way to help you achieve your financial goals.

There are several other benefits to the jobs we recommend including the following:

  • Work From Home – Working from home will give you the benefit of more family time. Family time is a great way to form a close bond with your children or spouse. You will never miss another important school function again, because you will have all of the flexibility in the world when you work from home.
  • Set Your Own Hours – Working from home means being your own boss. When you are your own boss you have control of what hours you are going to work. Only you can determine your work schedule. You will have the freedom with your schedule that will allow you to do anything you want to do.
  • Choose The Job You Want – Working for others means that you have to work your way up within the company, but now that is no longer a problem. You will determine exactly what it is that you want to do and where you see yourself down the road. You are the boss right from the start, so there is no one around telling you what to do and how to do it. You are the sole decision maker at your job.
  • You Control of Your Income – You are in control of how much you bring home every month. If you want to make more money, you can simply put in more hours. If you are in need of less work and more free time, you can simply cut back on your work. You have the power to decide how much you can earn at any given time. There is no more having to worry about being stuck at a set pay rate because you have all the power to set your earnings every month.

Some Online Work From Home Jobs Are Scams

You may find some companies charging for lists of jobs or to apply for a job. In other cases, the employer never pays. Remember, an employer is supposed to pay you. You aren’t supposed to pay them for the privilege of working for them. It’s important as a job seeker to be aware of these types of scams.

The team at spent several years researching and trying different types of jobs online and have narrowed it down to a list of a few hundred jobs. We’ve prescreened all the jobs in our list to ensure they are legitimate. The best part is that you are not required to pay for this information. In fact, the companies we work with are so happy with the quality of jobseekers we recommend, they compensate us for sending hard working people like you to them.

Recommended Types of Legitimate Home-Based Jobs

The types of jobs listed below are the kind of genuine work you’ll find in the member’s area of

Online Surveys

There are loads of companies that are willing to pay you for your opinion. The amount you are paid will vary based on how long the survey takes you to complete it. You can find various companies that will pay you to work from home and complete their surveys. Since you are paid for each one you complete, the more you complete the more you are going to get paid. You can also get paid for other market research activities such as being a mystery shopper, participating in focus groups, or testing products.

Data Entry

Data entry is an ever growing field and there are loads of companies that will pay you to perform data entry on a daily basis. Typically, you are paid a set rate for so many keystrokes, but there are some companies that will pay you hourly as well. It varies based on the company that you work for, but all in all it is very lucrative work if you have the typing skills. The type of tasks can include typing, copy and paste, order processing, transcription, translation, research, or data categorization.

Work From Home Office Jobs for Corporations

Did you know 34 to 36 million offices are set up in homes across America? In fact, 9/10 of people who work for an employer telecommute from home. You can do this too. The trick is to find the major companies who allow home office employees. Typically companies will let you work from a home office for tasks like inbound customer calls, customer and tech support, sales, or bookkeeping. You can even get paid as a virtual juror or tutor.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is like an administrative assistant, but they work from home performing all of the office duties. You may be able to work for multiple people depending on what the client needs completed on a regular basis. Typically, you are paid an hourly rate for these jobs and the more difficult the task is the higher pay you will achieve. You’ll perform tasks like clerical, administrative, or secretarial work.


Anyone who has a talent for researching and writing articles could benefit from becoming a writer. You are typically paid a piece rate, so the more articles you write the more you can earn. You can even get paid for simply proofreading or editing content.

Website Management

These jobs are very in demand at this time. You can get paid per project or hourly to help maintain websites, manage social media accounts (Facebook or Twitter), moderate forums or even become an online chat operator.

Earning Potential With Online Work From Home

You can’t expect to get rich with the jobs we recommend. These jobs require you to work, but you’ll be compensated for your time. Making an extra $200-$500 a month is not uncommon for our members.

Here are some recent jobs we’ve listed:

  • Online Survey for $30
  • Phone Survey For $75
  • Focus Group For $100/hour
  • $8/hour For Work From Home Data Entry
  • $300/Month For Part-time At Home Assistant
  • $9/hour for Customer Service With Paid Training

Become a Member To Get Started

If you are really serious about making money online with a work from home job, remember success does not come overnight. Utilizing the list we provide with a little hard work during your spare time can pay off.

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