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Online Survey Jobs

Public opinion research has been around for roughly a century, with the first documented consumer surveys being issued sometime during the early 1900s. Since then, the field has only grown and evolved. Today, opinion surveys constitute one of the leading ways that major corporations test and market new products to consumers, and they’re increasingly willing to pay a small amount to those who complete their surveys in exchange for their honest feedback about new products and marketing strategies.

In fact, these paid surveys are common enough to constitute their own home-based earnings opportunity for many stay at home moms and others looking for a solid source of secondary income. For those individuals who need to supplement their existing income, and expand their current budget, paid online survey jobs are a viable option in many cases.

Disclaimer. The income opportunity may vary from individual to individual.

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Plenty of Opportunities to Give Opinions and Earn Income

Even though most major corporations do conduct paid online surveys, it might seem as if there cant possibly be enough companies conducting research when it comes to generating a real source of income online. That perception is understandable, but it simply is not one that lines up with the reality of paid online surveys. Today, there are more than 2,000 companies issuing surveys of the public’s opinion on anything from tablet computers to soft drinks and potato chips. Those companies don’t just issue one survey occasionally; in fact, they issue several surveys every day, and pay consumers for their opinion on each survey.

The bottom line is that these companies are prolific, profitable, and interested in the opinion of the public. They offer numerous opportunities to customers based on their demographic information: age, gender, location, and buying habits, and they do so regularly. With the right amount of research and determination, there are consistent and good opportunities to earn money in this manner online.

Be Aware Of Paid Survey Scams

As with any home-based earning opportunity, the internet features plenty of scam websites that seek to take advantage of those consumers who will readily give their opinion on today’s products. Those sites often ask for a first name and an email address, and nothing more. They’ll soon start spamming that email address with survey opportunities, many of which are illegitimate. In some cases, these surveys simply seek to “mine” information, gathering a customer’s opinion without ever paying them for their time. In other cases, they can actually steal important information and be quite malicious.

These scams should not turn consumers off the the paid survey industry entirely, however, as there are plenty of legitimate companies pursuing survey-takers. Instead of merely performing a Google search for paid surveys, and navigating to the top result, those looking to get paid for their opinion should stick to several professional organizations and groups that offer legitimate opportunities. These include the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO), the American Association for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), and the Council of Marketing and Opinion Research Association (CMOR).

These groups exist not only to provide perfectly legitimate online surveys and income opportunities, but also to protect consumers and the integrity of the brands they’re helping. Seeking employment opportunities through these organizations is the best way to avoid scams, identity theft, and malicious internet hacks, and earn a steady income.

It’s Easy to Qualify for Paid Online Survey Jobs

Most traditional jobs in offices and retail stores typically require a certain skill level or work history in order for an applicant to be interviewed and eventually hired. While there is no specific set of skills required of those who take online surveys in exchange for a small payment, most companies do have in mind an ideal target demographic for each survey.

Typically, those interested in paid online surveys will sign up with the service of their choice and fill in key demographic information about themselves. This will include their age, location, gender, and all of their interests or hobbies. They might even be required to enter educational and career-related information. Then, the survey service will evaluate these details and email the individual only when a survey fits within their interests, experiences, age group, or gender information. This pre-qualification ensures that the feedback received by the company is most relevant to their own goals, and it ensures that the individual will be able to provide well-reasoned opinions on each question or topic covered within the survey.

Don’t Count on Getting Rich

Taking paid surveys online is a great way to earn supplementary income in addition to a pre-existing job. It is not, in most cases, a source of primary income or a way to earn untold sums of riches over the course of a survey-taking career. Most survey companies readily acknowledge this, and actively promote themselves as a source of part-time income for interested consumers.

Websites promoting the “get rich quick” schemes via online surveys are generally those who are more interested in scamming their survey takers than they are in providing them with a legitimate secondary source of income. Any website promoting such a means of wealth should be viewed with a skeptical eye by prospective survey takers. In this case, the old axiom proves true: If it’s too good to be true, it almost certainly is.

A Profitable and Anonymous Way to Earn Extra Income

Taking paid surveys online is a great way to earn a part-time income using the internet. All data collected by market research companies remains anonymous, allowing consumers to answer questions honestly without fear or retribution or future contact. And the small sums of money paid by research corporations will quickly add up, as will increasingly large numbers of survey opportunities, as consumers learn the real value of their opinions in the corporate world.

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